Listening & Wellness

“Change is inevitable. Growth is intentional”

When we grow older, it is just as important to maintain physical fitness as it is to stay mentally alert by exercising the brain. Even though it is often taken as inevitable, a decline in memorisation, concentration and creativity does not necessarily have to be part and parcel of growing older. It’s true that with age, the upper limit at which we can perceive sound drops to under the 10.000 Hz level. That deterioration is not only due to age.

A study into the effect of noise pollution brought to light that sixty to seventy year old people living in industrialised areas or cities are much worse-off than their counterparts in the so-called ‘undeveloped’ areas of the world. Only 15% could still perceive frequencies up to 12.000 Hz, whereas in the areas with little or no noise pollution 85% of people in the same age group could hear to that level.

Improving your hearing will enhance your listening skills, your memory, your posture, energy levels, creative skills and your eye sight. Too good to be true?
Not necessarily, thanks to brain plasticity, the ability to strengthen and even re-wire neurological connections.


Moreover, it is not just on a physiological level that there is a chance for change and growth. Perhaps even more important are the changes that occur inside the mind.

So, if indeed change is inevitable in life, you may still have a choice to determine the direction you go.

“Don’t compromise yourself. You are all you’ve got.”
– Janis Joplin