Motor Delay

The ears have an important role to play in the foundation of the entire nervous system.

In fact, the ear is vital for both physiological and emotional development from the embryonic stage onward. An important component for our sense of balance and motor skills is the ‘vestibule’, the area of the ear that controls our physical sense of self, our body image, and related sense of space and time.

Only when the vestibule maintains good motor control, balance and verticality, will the other part of the inner ear, the cochlea, be able to perceive and analyse sounds well enough to induce the desire to properly listen.

Through Listening Training these vital parts of the inner ear are stimulated, and more or less ‘forced’ to function better. This generally results in improved muscle tone, better posture, balance and coordination.

Parallel to this, one generally notes progress in the discrimination of sounds, attention span and speech. This, in turn, opens the door to a level of communication that may not have existed before.

At the Joya Centre we work with a great variety of clients. Some may only have slight developmental delays, while others may never have uttered a word in their lives and rely on a wheelchair for various reasons.


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