“They that follow conventions are of one sort;
They whose souls burn are of another.”
– Jalal al-Din Rumi, 1207-1273

Life is a balancing act in many ways. Let’s explore where you are on this tightrope – what emotions or convictions would you like to see changed? There are ways of seeing such change relatively quickly, without a lot of effort or having to relive painful situations. The sooner you are on your feet again and can start living from the present, the better and more rewarding the here and now will be.

For those who prefer to delve deep, and who are able to take some time out from their daily environment, we offer the option of doing the Fire and Rose Residential, an intensive therapeutic programme.

It consists of daily sessions of approximately two to three hours of private therapy in the morning, combined with two or three hours for creative expression: painting, writing, and Listening. It’s an ideal method for those who are ready to safely resolve whatever it is that burdens them in a structured, consistent and effective way.

Sessions will be tailored to the client’s needs and preferences and generally discounts are given for prolonged stays. Have a look at the Joya Accommodation website, and feel free to discuss your options with us.