Listening Training:
The Joya Centre is open seven days a week.

For those who live relatively close we generally advise the following schedule.

Phase I: Twelve to fifteen consecutive days of two hours of Listening a day, followed by a two to three weeks’  period of integration.
Phase II: Eight to ten days of Listening for two hours a day, followed by one to two weeks of integration.
Phase III: Usually another eight to ten days of Listening.

Throughout this entire period six or seven Listening Tests are done, to monitor progress and adjust the individualized protocol every client receives.

Parents/caregivers of children under 16 always listen for free!

For those who come from other parts of the country or from abroad, there is the possibility of doing an ‘intensive’ programme. This generally lasts between ten days and three weeks.

Accommodation at Joya will be discounted.  This is done to make the whole endeavour more affordable and to give clients a chance  to experience the benefits of  Listening Training in a relaxed and comfortable holiday like sphere. Parents and siblings  are generally offered sessions as well.  Those are free of charge because we believe in optimizing the situation for the family as a whole, not just for the one kid  ‘with the problems’.

With regards to the length of time that needs to be spent, it is advised to do at least phase I and II. In principle any length of time is beneficial, as changes can occur quite quickly. Even after a few days. But  don’t expect those to last. A few of the clients who wrote testimonials for this website only did 45 hours of Listening. Be aware though that to ensure an optimal and LASTING effect most protocols end up being between sixty and ninety hours in total.

For ‘home based’ listening things are different and much more flexible. Sometimes a combination of the two is a  good option. Starting with Listening sessions at the centre and then continued listening practice at home will save time and money.

Unsure whether this is for you? This is what we advise:

  1. Check yourself out. Complete the Listening Checklists.
  2. Check yourself in – for a consultation. This generally that takes between 1 ½ and 2 hours, and most of the time we can tell you whether and how we can help you by the end of this consultation.

We used to run ‘Open Days’ in the past but that stopped with Covid and didn’t come back. For now it’s best to contact Paulina directly – see contact page.