It is beneficial for the parent-child relationship that at least one parent ‘listens in’. Hence we offer parents listening sessions without any additional charge. With young children we may also wish to record 
the mother’s voice, and present it, filtered in a way that mimics how her voice was first heard by the child while still in 
the womb. Creating this so-called ‘audio rebirth’ can result in a more affectionate relationship and mother-child bonding.

We have years of experience with clients ‘up and down the spectrum’, and have seen first-hand 
how Listening Training can make a difference. Specifically for those with autism, we have seen clients coming  from a state of withdrawal to one with eagerness to learn and take part in the world  and use the time here to accept and give affection to the parent or caregiver who is present at these sessions.

It may not always be the right thing to do, but  if the birth mother is not available it could be beneficial to offer an adopted child this very special experience as well by recording the adoptive mother’s voice.

kirsa and son