Brain Gym Classes

“Turn your face to the sun and the shadows fall behind you.”
– Maori poverb

Too many children are still missing out in school. This is not necessarily a question of intelligence or motivation. In fact, some kids even try too hard. They may just lack the integration of some developmental phases.

Brain Gym is directed towards ‘whole brain learning’. It stimulates neurological development the way nature does: through movement. Babies and young children naturally perform what experts in early childhood education call ‘developmental movements’. These movements strengthen the neural connections which are essential to learning. The specific research that lead to Brain Gym was begun in 1969 by Paul Dennison, PhD.

His research led him to the study of kinesiology, the science of body movement and its relationship to brain function. Dennison discovered ways to adapt and sequence these movements that come naturally to toddlers so they could be effective for older children and adults. The result is a system of targeted activities that enhance performance in many areas.

Paulina trained with Paul Dennison himself while he was touring New Zealand, with Carla Hannaford (author of Smart Moves and The Dominance Factor) and Coby Schasfort, founder of De Hof Van Axen, Holland’s first kinesiology training centre. There are 26 exercises in total. During these group sessions Paulina will teach all the basic ones related to reading, writing, and some that are good to just release stress, or prepare for exams, performances or other challenging events. Some simple stretching and breathing exercises are also introduced in these short courses.

These Brain Gym classes consist of five 45 minutes sessions. Group size is limited to no more than eight participants. 
For further details, please contact us.

Stand Up For Yourself

“The best revenge is not to be like your enemy.”
– Marcus Aurelius

‘Stand Up For Yourself’ is the name of a series of assertiveness classes for children and teenagers. It is based on a successful Dutch programme that was part of an anti-bullying campaign in secondary schools. In a playful yet sincere atmosphere, we will look at body language, what to say or not say in moments of conflict, and to investigate that frequently asked question: why do they always pick on me?

The class consists of two separate modules of five 90 minute sessions. Check with Paulina to discuss and assess whether your child would fit in, age and maturity-wise, and with regards to the type of problems he/she experiences. On the basis of interest there are new classes every two months. Group size never exceeds more than 8 participants.

Both classes will be scheduled in such a way that they can be taken one after another.
There is a fifteen minute break in between. The Tuesday sessions are intended for children aged nine to eleven. The Thursday sessions will be for older children. All children will first meet Paulina to discuss their needs/wishes and find out whether they can see the benefits of attending such a group.

Since Covid the planning of these classes has become more flexible than in the past. They are available still but times may differ. For enquiries: