Accelerated Foreign Language Learning

“The theory of teaching foreign languages has long been founded in the misconception that we all hear in the same way. 
We don’t! In fact, we can only speak a language well when we hear it well.”
– Tomatis

Fast and effective private language classes at Joya.

  • Learn a new language in the way you learnt your mother tongue.
  • Learn as a child would. Once the foundations are there, new words and concepts will come your way with much more ease.
  • Train your ears so that they’re able to adapt to the sounds and rhythms of the language you want to learn or improve.

It’s a fallacy to believe that you need to be young, clever or gifted to learn languages easily Our brain is willing, and capable of so much more than we generally consider possible. That goes for our emotional and intellectual development, as well as our ability to communicate and learn languages. Unfortunately, in most classrooms we still ignore the information and technology that is already out there when it comes to fast and effective language learning.

We can only speak a language well when we can hear it well.

The only thing you need is a minimum of motivation and a willingness to put some headphones on. That’s all. In fact, a great part of the Training is just passively listening – indeed as a young child learns the mother tongue by artificially ‘going back in time’ . Reason being that by the age of twelve our ears have settled into a habit, and remain efficient mainly in the frequencies and rhythms of our mother tongue. To tones that are specific to the foreign language, we are to some extent ‘deaf’. And because we cannot properly distinguish those unfamiliar sounds, we cannot pronounce nor memorise them easily.

Having a gift for languages is in fact having a gift for listening.

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