”Experience with those who have epileptic fits has shown that over a period of time – often between sixty and ninety hours of training – fits become less violent and less frequent. Some people recuperate much faster than before, and sometimes come off medication entirely.

On a physiological level, the treatment balances the response of the two ears, and indirectly the level of energy going to the two hemispheres of the brain. In cases where the fits are stress-related, clients learn to adopt a different attitude to frustration and anxiety. They become more communicative, have a better understanding of the past and a more positive attitude towards the future.

Don Campbell, author of the Mozart Effect put it like this:

“The nervous system is like a symphony orchestra with different rhythms, melodies and instrumentations, meant to keep the brain synchronised. When there is damage, these natural rhythms get disturbed and neurons may fire at the wrong time or not at all. External music, movement and images can bring the ‘neurological music’ back in tune.”

There is ‘Music’ in Man

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