Since the opening of the Joya Centre in 2002, we have received a growing number of clients who fly in from different parts of the country, as well as from overseas, drawn as they are to combine their sessions with day trips in the region and having a leisurely holiday. Their stay at the Centre is often discounted steeply.


In the colder months such combination deals are less frequent, although still available. During this period the Joya Centre runs a series of programmes additional to our normal operations.


Previous experiences of holiday programmes have left us the impression that it can be very worthwhile and fun for kids to do the Listening without a parent present. Over the winter months, we are going to do a similar thing but this time over a longer period so that it is also possible to do a full Listening course.

Some indicators that your child could benefit:

  • Easily distracted.
  • Overly sensitive to noise.
  • Either too ‘open’ or too ‘closed off’ emotionally.
  • Intelligent yet underachieving.
  • Unusual fatigue.
  • Messy handwriting.
  • Inconsistent results with math/spelling.
  • Frequently misinterprets instructions.

Sessions are planned for after school, although exceptions can be made. Most Nelson schools have been very cooperative in this respect.


Mothers-to-be are invited to experience the benefits of Listening Training during the second programme in our winter series:

Listening Training offers a unique way of perceiving sound for both mother and child. Research into pre-natal life indicates that the first of the sensory experiences is that of vibration and sound. Harmonious sounds, especially those in the higher frequency range, increase our attentiveness and concentration, even while still in the womb.

As indicated by comparative studies in two French hospitals, preparing for birth by doing Listening Training could give you and your baby the best possible start. Labour was generally shorter than average, and there was also less need for medical intervention.

Areas where you could benefit:

  • Calm and positive approach to giving birth.
  • Improvement of posture and relief of back pain.
  • Increase in overall energy.
  • Better sleep.
  • Enhanced mother/baby bond.
  • Stimulation of the developing nervous system of the baby.
  • Positive impact on language development and musical ability.

Sessions are currently discounted to $15 per hour. These sessions are held in small groups. For more information, contact Paulina or come to an introductory lecture during one of our Open Days.


We generally accept hearing loss as being part and parcel of our circumstances and age. However, there are quite a few ways of improving our hearing and inherent quality of life, without having to get a hearing aid.

Listening Training is one of them. It involves simply listening to a selection of classical music through customized headphones, and with the use of electronic equipment that can manipulate sound. This method has produced measurable results in weeks, even days.

Some indicators that you might benefit:

  • Diminished hearing.
  • Easily distracted.
  • Sensitive to noise.
  • Tired, especially in the afternoon.
  • Diminished alertness, focus and memory.
  • Overall lack of energy.
  • Restless, irritable.
  • Emotionally vulnerable.
  • Loss of quality sleep.

Groups will be small – no interaction required. During these series the hourly rate for Listening will be brought back to $15. Sessions will mainly take place in the morning.