“Let your eye catch the sound; then you will finally understand.”
– Zen Monk Tozan, 9th Century

Whether it is Gregorian Chant, Mozart or an Indian Raga, music and sound have been tools for healing and worship in all cultures and throughout the ages. It is only recently, however, that we are able to maximise its power through new technologies, among which are the tools developed by Alfred Tomatis.

An invite for meditators & singers or the combination of the two! 🙂

Chanting, singing; any vocal exercises, while using the Electronic Ear can have a very special uplifting effect that you may like to try out, even if it is just for a one time experience. We will be happy to write the settings for the the Electronic Ear for you  based on the initial listening test. Bring your own music and If you are interested in experimenting with vocal exercises that you are already know, use them. Or combine those with what we offer.

These active sessions – exploring your own voice from within – are always alternated with periods of listening passively while drawing, painting, or simply relaxing.

Most protocols contain a lot of Gregorian Chant, preferably the ones that Tomatis himself recorded in his favourite monastry in France. These chants do not have a fixed metre and follow the natural rhythm of breath. In addition to a charging effect on the cerebral cortex, listening to these chants has a  calming effect on your heart rate. An ideal basis for going deeper, in case you want to meditate during your session.

man with earphones