The Mother’s Body as a Resonance Chamber

The ear is the first organ to be fully developed while  in the womb. As a consequence, the unborn child’s first sensory experiences will be of vibration and sound. It will be able to perceive the mother’s heartbeat, breathing as well as her voice.

Pregnant women who do Listening Training in preparation for the birth are often quite relaxed even in those demanding last months of pregnancy. And for the in utero babies Listening Training means a wonderful chance to be introduced to a harmonious world, literally so!

Besides the emotional impact of this connection, this also means a great stimulation for the nervous system, especially if her voice is rich in harmonics,

  • A calm and positive approach to the experience of giving birth.
  • An improvement of posture to relieve back pain.
  • Less tired, better sleep and an overall greater sense of wellbeing.
  • Stimulation of the brain and developing nervous system of the baby.

The fathers are welcome to share this unique experience with their partner and child at no extra charge. More often than not they can do with some relaxation in this time of change.  Last but not least, comparative studies in two French hospitals (those of Foch and Vesoul) have shown that, with Listening Training, the average time of labour was shorter, fewer women had to have labour induced, and there was a reduction in the number of Caesarians from 15% to 4%.