Listening training

Adults & Children:

  • Initial assessment $120
  • Listening per hour $45
  • Subsequent listening test/consultation $35
  • Recording of Mother’s voice $45

Winter Series

$15 per hour per person

For Young children a parent / caregiver’s presence is obligatory.

It is advisable to share the experience. To make that possible the parents’ sessions are free. They only will be charged for their own assessments/tests/consultations.

Beyond listening


Brain Gym Classes: $50 for the five 45 minutes’ session.

‘Stand your Ground’: $75 for the five 90 minute sessions.

Initial assessment preceding any of the above classes is obligatory and costs $75.

Adult, Group and Private sessions:

Parenting Classes: $75 for the five 90 minutes’ sessions.

Group Therapy Classes: $100 for the five two-hours sessions.

Private sessions: $ 60 per 60 minutes’ session. Extra time $ 30 per half hour.

Sometimes – specifically with stress-related issues – employers can be willing to assist by paying all or part of the treatment, especially with regards to the Listening Training. Discuss this Paulina and see whether she can help you with filling out the necessary paperwork.

Joya’s Weekend Workshops

All workshops: $50 per person – 10.00 am to 15.30 pm.

Booking ahead is essential. Drinks and food will generally be provided.