“The most common way people give up their power is by thinking they don’t have any”
– Alice Walker

The beauty of doing ‘Listening’ is that it is possible to resolve certain unproductive thought patterns and feelings, without needing to talk to a therapist. These feelings can disappear from the inside out without any verbal interference from anyone.

Nevertheless, even with a cleaner slate, psychotherapy might still be useful. Change, whether physiological, mental, emotional, or a combination of the three, will take time, practice and, at times, guidance.

On a regular basis Joya offers classes, courses, workshops and private therapy sessions. These programmes are a bit more ‘hands-on’ than Listening Training and geared towards practising new skills. They can be seen as a supplement to Listening, or an alternative avenue towards achieving some of the same goals. A summary:


Fire and Rose
An intensive, residential therapeutic programme or those who want to delve deep.

Parenting Classes
Defining what it means to have a functional family. Structured exercises and playful re-enactments are used to develop ways to deal with raising children who push your buttons and bring up ‘old stuff’ for you.

Workshops on health and wellbeing related subjects are held on a regular basis, either run by Paulina or by invited trainers and experts in these fields.


Brain Gym Classes
Brain Gym is directed towards ‘whole brain’ learning. It stimulates neural development the way nature does: through movement. There are 26 exercises in total. We will teach all the basic ones related to reading, writing, and some that are good to release stress.

Stand Up For Yourself – Assertiveness Classes
Stand Up For Yourself is based on a successful Dutch programme that was used to teach assertiveness skills to children. In a playful yet sincere atmosphere we will look at body language, what to say or not to say in moments of conflict.

Respite care
Over the last few years some of our younger clients just happened to be in a situation where they needed some time away from home. For various reasons staying at Joya was considered a better option than being placed into foster care through Oranga Tamariki or other governmental services. However, so far we have only done this for clients and ex-clients. Still it may be worth mentioning here.

Be aware that since Covid not all of the above programmes have returned. Just give us a call to find out.