Rightly or wrongly, according to Alfred Tomatis, Vertigo to be a physical response to very strong emotional tensions. Sometimes these tensions are obvious and a direct result of  a traumatic event.

However, these inner conflicts might also have been growing gradually over many years, unsuspectedly  until there is this point in time where the pressure is too much. On a physical level, the emphasis is on what is happening in the vestibular – that part of the inner ear that has to do with posture and balance.

In our therapy that is where we’ll be focussing on. Not necessarily trying to find the underlying emotional issues, but just by calming the nervous system starting with the vestibular.   Some clients may develop a wish to talk and address the issues involved. But they do not need to in order to still regain a sense of calm and peace of mind to the extent that the vertigo can disappear altogether showing us that sometimes complex problems have simple solutions. What a difference that can make!

Katis daughter